Top 3 Anticipated Trends for Interior Signage in 2018

Ah, the new year. A time for self-improvement, lofty business goals, and 30-day trial passes at your neighborhood gym. Whatever your modus operandi may be when you open up your blank calendar, January brings all of us a renewed sense of optimism that this year may be the best one yet. In the interior signage industry, the anticipation is equally high. Today, we’ll explore 3 trends that I’m anticipating 2018 will bring when it comes to interior office signs.

#1: The Convergence of Design and Environment.

DSC_0874.jpg(photo via Office Sign Company)

I was having a conversation with a couple gentlemen from a local architecture firm the other day – an architect/designer and a construction manager. I asked them “what’s the most important factor you consider when it comes to new signage?” The CM was quick to identify the nuts and bolts – a sign needs to be durable, correct, and installed the right way. I nodded in agreement. Then, the architect spoke up about the importance of the design of the sign, and how it fits within the environment of an office. Bingo.

As the entire scope of the product market advances, across every industry we are seeing a quasi-Renaissance take place in the field of product design. It’s past the point of making functional products; if your product doesn’t do what its supposed to, your business is obsolete. In our sign industry, if a company can’t create ADA Signs that pass regulatory codes and stay on the wall, they probably won’t be operating their business too much longer. Word-of-mouth, online reviews, and more are all combining to hold businesses accountable of making sure their product serves its need. So instead, businesses in our industry are turning their focus on the overall aesthetic of their sign design and how to customize/personalize signs to fit with the environment they’ll be installed in.

Matching of wood tones, printing of imagery, keeping fonts aligned with brand books, turning internal graphic design ideas into working products, and increasing the amount of personalization options (everything from color to text layout) are some of the small ways that you’ll see great design and environment converge in the sign industry. You wouldn’t hang a steampunk-styled poster in your office that’s filled with floral imagery and succulent plants, would you? Similarly, why mute your brand by hanging a boring sign in your one-of-a-kind office. Expect to see more interior designers dip their toes in the sign world, and more purchasing agents from businesses begin to open up their billfolds to have unique and well-executed design in their sign schedules.

#2: An Insurmountable Amount of Mounting Options.

DSC_0725.jpg(photo via Office Sign Company)

How’s that for an alliterative subheading? As offices continue to have more creative looks, sign companies must also advance in their ability to provide creative mounting solutions. The one-size-fits-all method of installation will leave your clients hanging high and dry, as the range of office interiors continues to broaden. As interior designers and architects get more creative, office sign companies must follow suit. Expect to see unique brackets, stand-offs, frames, spacers, and more to be on the rise, as the classic tapes and screws collect dust on the hardware store shelves.

When I was first looking for my post-college apartment, I morphed into a stereotypical millennial. “It needs brick walls, lofted ceilings, and exposed piping.” Now, as a member of the sign industry, the adoration I once felt for the rough surface of a brick wall has diminished into a slight distaste, knowing the challenge it will pose to get traditional signage mounted on these surfaces. The fact that so many offices are now being characterized by their brick walls, reclaimed wood accents, and clay tiles simply forces us sign folk to be more creative with our installation methods. In 2018, I can safely predict that we will see an influx of new bracketing and mounting options to ensure that any sign can be hung from any surface.

#3: More grains.

reclaimed-wood-sign-baltic-letters(photo via Woodland Manufacturing)

And I ain’t talkin’ oats and barley. Gear up to see an increase in wood and metal products, as business personnel left and right fall in love with the industrial look of grains in their signage. No grain, no gain. Speaking on behalf of our company, we saw a huge rise in the amount of printing we’ve done on wood substrates. In 2016, we introduced our first ever wood product – it sold, sparingly. In 2017, we found a reliable reclaimed wood vendor and started stocking more wood planks for our clientele. In 2018, “Printed Wood Signs” are already some of our highest selling products, and our UV-printer has never been busier. In addition, we’ve been taking on more custom metal work, with individuals wanting to see their lettering removed from sheets of aluminum, logo etched into sheets of steel, and imagery printed on panels of polymetal.

It’s all in the grain. The rugged appearance of wood grains running through your corporate office, and brushed metal strokes on your signs, appliances, and artwork helps depict an image of strength and classicism in your professional space that will impress clients and employees, alike. Though this trend has been steadily rising over the years, 2018 will be the year in which this takes off and it becomes more commonplace to see engraved wood in offices than it is to see engraved plastic. Prep your local lumberyards.


Written by: Jack Yakowicz

Marketing Manager at Office Sign Company

Contact at


Office Sign Company’s “Thankful Campaign” Aimed at Sharing Gratitude + Raising Funds for United Way


It’s been an awesome year. We’ve added some great new employees, connected with a variety of new clients, grown local business by over 200%, and had our most profitable summer of sales to date. We have a lot to be thankful for, and were inspired by the season of sharing gratitude to share ours in a unique way…

From November 10th – December 15th, we will be offering Thankful Reclaimed Wood Signs with customizable text on our website. These laser-engraved and UV-printed signs will allow customers to share their own message for what they are thankful for, and come complete with a sawtooth hanger on the backside for mounting to a wall in your office, kitchen, living room, and more.

Details About The Product


Our Reclaimed Wood Thankful Signs are fabricated and finished in our production facility in the Industrial Park of North Fargo. As we planned on this campaign, we wanted to make sure the product we were manufacturing would be as high quality as it was unique, understanding that this special piece would likely end up hanging in the houses and offices of a variety of different community members. The prototype process revolved around a few design iterations before we landed our completed product. Details are as follows:

  • Size = 10″w x 5″h x 1″d
  • Reclaimed Wood (as is the nature with reclaimed wood, every piece will be slightly different!)
  • Laser Engraved Text (“Thankful for” text line, that stays standard and cannot be customized)
  • UV Printed White Ink Text (“MEMORIES” portion seen in photo above, which can be customized to what you see fit)
  • Sawtooth Hangers affixed to the backside of this sign (for hanging on nails, like a picture frame)

If you have any additional questions as to what this product is made of, or how it will look when complete, we’d encourage you to visit this page or call our customer service team at 701-526-3835. You can also request a digital proof with your order, so you’ll be sent an image of what this will look like prior to the order being produced!

Details About The Campaign


It was our hope to share our gratitude by connecting with a non-profit doing awesome work in our community. Having built a close connection with the United Way, and whole-heartedly believing in their mission to reduce hunger and homelessness, prepare children to succeed, help people be independent, and lift people out of poverty, we were extremely excited to present this idea to the United Way team and get them on board. Here are some details related to the campaign:

  • Thankful Reclaimed Signs can be purchase here:
  • You can enter your custom text in the box where it reads “Your Personalized Text (white ink portion of sign):”
  • You may select a digital proof checkbox if you’d like to see what the sign will look like prior to purchase.
  • Your sign will take approximately 3 business days to produce (call us at 701-526-3835 if you need this expedited, or have questions on timeline).
  • $10 from the sale of each sign (50% of proceeds) will be donated to United Way Cass-Clay at the end of the campaign.
  • The campaign will run from November 10th – December 15th.
  • We’d love you to SHARE your thankful sign photo after you’ve received it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Thank you for engaging with our campaign, and learning more about what we are trying to accomplish! We hope to see a variety of designs come through – people thankful for their friends and family, people thankful for the community of Fargo, people thankful for United Way, and more! Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have, or if you’d like to help us further this campaign!

Written by: OSC Marketing Team

Contact at:

Why We’re Giving Away FREE I Love Signs Tees


The #ilovesigns movement started on an Instagram post back in 2015. I was new to Office Sign Company at the time, operating as an Account Manager who also oversaw our social media posting, and was eager to start something special. Piggybacking off the “#ilovefargo” caption that I had seen from so many of my Insta-companions, I thought I’d give the #ilovesigns a whirl. And you know what?

Nobody followed suit.

That’s fine… it only put more of the pressure on my plate, as an aspiring marketer, to try to build some of the love for great signage in our community. By befriending small business advocates in the area, working with more and more new clients, and being validated by strangers and colleagues alike telling me “what a cool company you guys have,” I realized that it was coming around; the love for signs was close.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016.  I approached Ryan (CEO) with an idea that, in an email subject line, read “weird.. but might work.” I wanted to produce I ❤ Signs t-shirts, that looked just like shirts that a tourist visiting Office Sign Company would wear. We’d give them to our friends, clients, family, employees, and more. Then, our intern and I would run around town and snag pics of individuals rocking their shirts and post them to Twitter and Instagram, recycling the hashtag #ilovesigns.

Do it.

That was the email reply from Ryan. We ended up purchasing 100 shirts from CustomInk (I know, I know), and giving 35 out to employees, 50 out to family members and community friends, and the final 15 out at Business After Hours. The shirts seemed to be a bit of a success – I was seeing more tweets referencing #ilovesigns, had a lot of clients and friends requesting them, and kept one for myself that I still wear to sleep and to the gym from time-to-time. But, as we geared up for producing more apparel in-house (shirts, sweatshirts, and more), we thought this time around – let’s not put a limit on how many shirts we give out. Let’s not confine this to just employees and friends, but let’s get the entire community excited about signs. Let’s spread the #ilovesigns movement wider than it’s ever been before. So today, we did.

At the time I write this post, we’ve had 89 FREE I Love Signs Shirts “sold.” By tomorrow morning, we likely will have eclipsed 100. My hope is that we end up nearer the number of 200-250 when it’s all said and done. Why? Why give out shirts for free? Why risk having some random person online order 80 of these shirts and cause your production team to hate you for making them press so many, while not getting a dime from it, and then your boss tells you “hey, I need to chat with you,” and you worry about getting fired and then the world goes crazy and you’re just stuck feeling sorry for yourself? Well… let me tell you.


We are extremely appreciative of the community support that we’ve received this past year (being a finalist for Business of the Year, increasing our local clientele by over 200%, receiving media attention for various initiatives, partnering with a variety of great businesses, and more) and TRULY want to share that sense of appreciation with a gift. Also, full transparency, it gets you all to wear a shirt with our logo on it. And THAT, my friends, is priceless. Just like the shirts. Go get yours. Here.

Thank you!

Written by: Jack

Contact at:



The Market-Mobile: A Case for Increasing Brand Visibility with Vehicle Graphics


Before the collegiate degree in public relations, the high school marketing club, or even the middle school economics lessons, I was a young child who was taking in a variety of brand messages without understanding how much it was impacting me. I’ll always remember the Shane Company radio ads (“Now you have a friend in the diamond business…”), the Gushers TV commercials (did those kids’ heads actually turn into grapes?), and the got milk? billboards. However, one of the most effective ways that I was marketed to as a child was through vehicle wraps.

Summer road trips for my family consisted of a mix of listening to my dad’s questionable choice in rock music, trying to get my siblings to scoot over and stop touching me, and a lot of staring out of the window. Ignorant to signs at the time, I always thought these were painted graphics on cars, and was amazed by the detail. Now, as a member of the sign industry, I have an equal amount of respect for the detail that goes into both designing and installing these vehicle graphics. And young kids stuck on long road trips aren’t the only ones paying attention.


The Facts:

As traffic is on the rise on US roadways, so too is the potential to reach prospective customers through vehicle wraps. Studies suggest that the average American travels over 40 miles per day. With transit advertising growing in popularity, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America projected that one vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily. And to think, I just spent $25 on a Facebook campaign that only got me 1,000 impressions. With this large of an audience, it’s easy to see why businesses of all sizes are investing  in vehicle graphics to help push their brand and messaging.

The Costs:

Alright, alright: let’s get to the nitty gritty. I understand as well as anyone that marketing-related decisions almost always need to vibe with the budget, which makes it of absolute importance that the ROI on an investment like a car wrap is high. One of the most difficult questions to answer, though, is “what will it cost to wrap my car?” Between all of the various factors (size of car, amount of car being covered by graphics, type of material, design, etc.) the expense of putting graphics on your vehicle can range from anywhere between $50 and $10,000. Yeah, quite the range. We’ve done small cut graphics on company cars that fell near the lower end of that spectrum, as well as full wraps on large city buses that almost eclipsed the high end of that range. For the sake of analyzing what the value is, let’s use the high end of that spectrum.

Let’s say your vehicle wrap lasts 5 years and you spent $10,000 on it. Big expense, I get it. But based off our stats, with about 30,000 impressions per day on average, your vehicle wrap will receive just shy of 55 million impressions over the course of its life. That equates to $0.0002 per impression. Think about it.


The Action:

In order to take advantage of the marketing benefits of wrapping your vehicle with brand-related graphics, its recommended that you get in touch with a reputable sign company with a history of designing and installing vehicle wraps. For receiving a quote on a vehicle wrap, or beginning the design process, the following information is of importance to your sign company:

  • Make of Vehicle
  • Model of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Color
  • High Res Photos of Vehicle
  • High Quality Vector Artwork (for logo)
  • Desired Text to Include in the Design

Identify a budget that works for your team, and your sign company will be able to come up with ideas that fit your comfort level. Though a logo is likely the most important messaging to put on your vehicle design, don’t forget the importance of a call to action (even if its as simple as your phone number or website). 

A captive audience of impressionable future clients is awaiting your new car on the road… don’t miss the chance to draw them in with a stunning new vehicle wrap!

Written by: Office Sign Company Marketing Team

Contact at:

The Horrors of Poor Signage and How it Can Damage Your Brand

horrors of poor signage

When I was in a small Minnesotan town a few weeks ago, we were walking through the quaint downtown looking for a place to eat. Cobblestone roads lined with oak trees created the perfect setting for a Saturday morning brunch. We came up on our first possible eatery – a café advertising fresh fruit smoothies, coffee, and breakfast. It all seemed perfect… until, we looked at the signage a little bit closer.

On the façade of the building was an aged wooden sign, with paint chips hanging on for dear life and the corners looking like they had been the feasting place of termites for years. The text “Café” was so faded it was starting to look like “Covfefe” and instead of decals on the windows, there was a taped up paper menu, with the font written in… comic sans. Needless to say, we kept walking up the block and found a different spot instead.

Now, am I being too much of a sign snob? I don’t think so. It’s not merely the fact that the signage was poor, but as a discerning consumer, my mind was automatically turned off to the way that this business chose to display its brand. No matter how good the smoothies were, the lack of care for the aesthetic of the restaurant automatically took away from the experience. Consumer marketing research suggests that I’m not the only one who believes poor signage can have damaging effects on one’s brand.

Poor Signage Makes Customers Less Likely to Visit Your Store


A FedEx-commissioned study through Ketchum Global Research and Analytics indicated that 52% of people are less likely to visit a store with a poorly constructed or grammatically incorrect sign. Not convincing enough a stat? Well the same study found that 68% of customers believe a store’s sign is a reliable indicator of the store’s excellence of product or service. That means that by simply investing in quality signage, your business is going to be looked upon favorably by at least 2 out of every 3 potential customers who pass your building. Still don’t believe me? The 2012 study also found that 76% of consumers have chosen to enter a store they had never before visited based purely on its signage. I rest my case.

Exterior Signage is Only Half the Battle


(pictured: an example of well-done interior signage at Prairie Roots Food Co-Op)

Alright, so you decided to invest in an exterior sign to get someone inside your business. Great! However, the work of your signs is not quite done. Despite how nice of a sign you have outside your business (which did get your customers inside the doors), you still need to follow up with great signs on the outside. Think of it like an attractive person with a really shallow personality; you don’t want to marry that person, despite how good-looking they are from the outside. People will marry your brand when you invest in quality interior signage.

Retail merchandising experts have found that consumer shopping experiences are largely triggered by in-store graphics, with more than 1 in 6 purchases being made when a brand display is present in the store. What does this prove? That investing in your in-store environment will have a positive return for your business. On the opposite end, poor (or non-existent) interior signage can negatively impact your sales. Industry professionals find that poor retail signage management (including the hanging of signs from varying lengths, misdirection due to poor placement, dated or dirty signage, etc.) can create a sense of chaos and disorientation that will ultimately drive the customer away from your store. Tough.

Coming Out of the Nightmare Signage Situation


(pictured: some beautiful signage in the midst of being produced)

If your business has been dealing with some of the terrors of poor signage, fear not: there’s still hope! We’ve laid out a recovery plan that will help any struggling business regain a sense of control over their brand representation, and start enjoying the perks of better signage. The steps are as follows:

  1. Admit there’s a problem. Stop ignoring the grumblings of your customers (i.e. “I had no idea I was at the right place”, or “Are you guys still open?”). Admit that your signage needs a facelift in order to get more people in the doors, or convert more of your traffic into sales.
  2. Find some sign examples to emulate. Ask your family or friends what types of signs they have noticed around town – they’re bound to identify at least a few businesses’ signs that have caught their eye. Use this as a launching pad as you gameplan towards creating your own sign.
  3. Talk to a sign company. In order to turn your sign dreams into a reality, you need to go straight to the manufacturer for a proof & quote. Naturally, we’d love to be your go-to sign folks. Feel free to contact us at or by calling 701-526-3835 to begin!
  4. Make the investment. The most common question we get is “how expensive is a sign.” That’s a tougher question to answer than my calculus professors used to ask. With all of the ranges of materials, sizes, and more, it’s nearly impossible to give an accurate estimate unless we have more details. Exterior signage can range anywhere from $100-$100,000 (I know, right), depending on the type of sign you get. Regardless of budget, simply having a refresh on your façade and windows can do wonders, and you will find that the return on this investment is well worth it.

The silver lining, if you are one of these businesses that is struggling with poor signage, is that the damage to your company’s brand is not irreversible. Investing in new signage is a quick trigger to customers that your business is on the upswing, and will usher in a whole new regime of shoppers to your business. With any inquiries, including best tips, practices, and more, please feel free to give us a call at 701-526-3835 or visit our website for some valuable information on office signs for both your interior and exterior!

Happy Signing.


Written by: OSC Marketing Team

Contact at:

Explaining Office Sign Company and its Brands

I’d like to begin this post with an apology for the lack of action we’ve put into this WordPress over the past few months. Between the remodel in our downtown office, a summer that has seen us hit historic sales highs, and a plethora of community partnerships, both Ryan and myself have been sidelined from keeping this blog page going over the summer (but our Blogger page is still poppin’, if you’re looking for fresh content).

Over the course of time, I’ve ran into multiple clients and friends in the community who have expressed a bit of confusion when it comes to the organizational structure of Office Sign Company.

Wait, so you guys have Fargo Stuff now, too?

Dude, I saw you at the street fair… but it wasn’t for Office Sign Company. Do you have a new job?

Did I see that there’s a trophy shop at your business address, too?

Okay, let me explain.

Office Sign Company brands

Office Sign Company, LLC operates as the parent company for 5 different brands/websites (and possibly more to come!). Office Sign Company, LLC (okay, I’m sick of writing “,LLC”, so from here out – this will just be called Office Sign Company or OSC) currently employs a staff of 40 individuals across the following five departments:

  •  Customer Service
  • Art
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Web

Though we started in 2008 with a sole proprietor operating from his basement, today we have two facilities and over 27,000 combined square feet of operating space in Fargo, North Dakota (our Production Facility in the industrial park and our Downtown Office at 310 NP Ave). Culture is king at OSC, and we take great pride in our hiring of outstanding employees who help foster the growth of Office Sign Company every day. We definitely try to mix in some fun, too (as seen below).

Rather than separating the work off between employees and brands, every one of our employees who is employed by Office Sign Company contributes to all five sister brands. The same machinery that we use to fabricate signs can also be used for trophies, apparel, and gifts, the same creative team that markets and promotes our big brand also works on our smaller brands, and the same friendly customer service staff and creative art department lends a hand in every one of our divisions. So, if you worked with an account manager who was representing Office Sign Company, they could also help you place an order for some shirts on We find that allowing our employees to interact with every brand we operate ensures that the quality of our work, and passion behind our websites, can both flourish.

So, what’s the difference between these brands?

Below is some helpful information related to each brand that will help you identify what each brand specializes in, so as to help guide you the direction you need to be when interacting with OSC.


Office Sign Company-01

Brand Name: Office Sign Company

Established In: 2008



Summary: Office Sign Company is a full-service manufacturer and retailer of custom print products geared for corporate entities, specializing in interior office signs.

Products We Sell: conference room signs, door signs, wall signs, nameplates, restroom signs, corridor flags, directories, ADA braille signs, floor signs, insert signs, window signs, ceiling signs, wayfinding signs, illuminated signs, badges/name tags, custom engravings and sandblasting, mugs, coasters, wood prints, stickers & decals, stamps, labels, portfolios, both cut and printed vinyl, etched or frosted vinyl, vehicle wraps and lettering, vinyl overlays, durasol inserts / posters, translucent and reflective vinyl, trade show booths, display systems, retractable banner stands, vinyl banners, corrugated yard signs, real estate/open house signs, hanging retail signs, HD prints on foamcore, HD prints on metal, HD prints on acrylic, HD prints on canvas, HD prints on paper/posters, and way way more.

Note from an OSC Employee: Office Sign Company is the first brand that CEO Ryan Fritz launched, and is easily our busiest, and most important. is among the top ranking online sign retailers, and approximately 80% of our business comes from national clients who visit our website (although, we continually our growing our local audience, too). Year after year, we add more sign-making equipment in-house because we want to be able to do EVERYTHING that a customer asks us. Between our top-notch customer service team, our creative group of designers, and our quality-crazed production staff, we feel like we are the best signmakers in the world. We’d love to have you give us a chance!


FS_Primary Logo

Brand Name: Fargo Stuff

Established In: 2006 (but Office Sign Company didn’t take over until 2016)



Summary: Fargo Stuff is a premier ecommerce brand located in downtown Fargo, with a passion for providing unique art, apparel, and gifts that exemplify the quality of our city.

Products We Sell: Fargo shirts, Fargo sweatshirts, Fargo baby onesies, Fargo hats, Fargo mugs, Fargo coaster sets, Fargo pint glasses, Fargo wine glasses, Fargo shot glasses, Fargo flavors & foods, Fargo gift baskets, Fargo posters, Fargo magnets, Fargo buttons, Fargo note cards, Fargo post cards, Fargo home decor items, Fargo signs, Fargo artwork, Fargo prints on metal, wood, and foam core, NDSU Bison merchandise, and a lot more FARGO STUFF.

Note from an OSC Employee: We purchased Fargo Stuff from Pete and Jill Christopher in the late spring of 2016, and spent the summer rebranding and replatforming the brand before going live in October 2016. Since then, we’ve been able to get our products in some new stores (Fowlers, Red Silo, Visitors Center, Unglued), and also built a showroom in our downtown Office Sign Company location. Getting solid advice from both the previous owners and the brand’s founder (John Borge), we laser-focused on three main areas: art, apparel, and gifts. Whereas Office Sign Company is geared much more towards corporations, we wanted to use Fargo Stuff as an opportunity to connect with the greater F-M community. Utilizing the same manufacturing equipment we use for signage, we’ve been able to center a lot of efforts on new product development, and have had a blast helping develop Fargo Stuff to where it is today.


Brand Name: Fargo Trophy Company

Established In: 2015



Summary: Fargo Trophy is a supplier of stock and custom awards, trophies, and personalized recognition products made to meet your deadlines.

Products We Sell: Trophies, awards, plaques, medals, ribbons, etched crystal pieces, recognition pieces, trophy parts, paperweights, licensed schools’ products, decals, labels, banners, personalized gifts, and more.

Note from an OSC Employee: Fargo Trophy Company provides a variety of unique trophy & recognition pieces, and has seen clients from all walks of life (large businesses, soccer parents, booster clubs, etc.), which speaks to the diversity of products that we offer. We try to mix in both high-end corporate awards and low-cost medals and ribbons to help meet just about any event budget. The site was originally created to attract Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo public schools, and includes a wide array of licensed products related to trophies, signs, and more, but has expanded in scope since its inception. We keep an ear to what our customers are looking for, and have added a significant amount of new products that have simply been requests from customers (i.e. “Do you have a cheer award?” “not yet, but we will add one on our site by end of day”).


Brand Name: Wholesale Office Signs

Established In: 2017 (still work in progress)



Summary: Wholesale Office Signs is a wholesaler of signs, sign frames, and sign accessories, specifically geared for small-to-mid-sized sign shops.

Products We Sell: both metal and plastic door and wall frames, desk frames, wholesale ADA signs, wholesale decals and labels, sign mounting hardware and accessories, and more!

Note from an OSC Employee: Wholesale Office Signs is our newest brand, and was inspired by the success we’ve had in the sign industry, and the amount of smaller sign shops who have come to us to either purchase our products in bulk or request the purchase of frames or accessories. We are still working on the branding of this site, but with our knowledge of the industry, we feel as though we can extend great pricing and product ideas to smaller sign outfits that visit our website. Continued efforts are being made daily to bring Wholesale Office Signs to market, and we’d encourage any interested parties to keep tabs on the website as it evolves over the next year.

MOS Logo-01

Brand Name: Medical Office Signs

Established In: 2010



Summary: Medical Office Signs is a manufacturer and retailer of interior office signage, specifically geared for businesses within the medical and wellness industries.

Products We Sell: office signs, door signs, desk signs, name plates, sliding office signs, conference room signs, changing room message signs, pediatric & exam room signs, corridor signs & flag signs, restroom signs, wayfinding & directory signs, ADA braille signs, first aid & safety signs, name badges, and ID badges, all geared towards medical professionals and healthcare establishments.

Note from an OSC Employee: Medical Office Signs is, unless you work in a medical industry, probably the brand that you will have the least interaction with. But, nonetheless, we have been able to get consistent business from healthcare administrators who are looking for new hospital or clinic signage. You will find a lot of the same style of products on MOS as you do on OSC (, but the difference is that the product listings are created to be comprehensive for medical industry professionals. This site was launched after we had an influx of orders on from healthcare companies.



I hope you found this blog to be informative, and would encourage that we continue the conversation from here! If you have any questions about Office Sign Company, or any of our brands, I would love to discuss further. Feel free to contact me via email or phone call so I can tell you all about the wonderful world of OSC.

Written by: Jack Yakowicz

Phone: 701-526-3835




Si(g)n City

As I write this blog, I’m staring out the window of my 11th floor room at the Vdara Suites in Las Vegas.


Although not the most encompassing view of Sin City (just ask our CEO, Ryan), the sights are still breathtaking for a person who spends the bulk of his days viewing the flatness and prairies of North Dakota.

In the distance, you can see the faint semblance of mountainous peaks, but the beauty of the nature surrounding this valley is overshadowed by the architectural magnificence that makes up the Vegas Strip. If you couldn’t already tell by the way I’m romanticizing this place, it’s my first time visiting Las Vegas.

Ryan (CEO of Office Sign Company), Jamey (OSC’s Production Manager), and I are in town for the 2017 International Awards and Personalization Expo at the Rio. The walk from our hotel to the convention center across the highway is about a half hour, which gave us all an adequate amount of time to gawk at the incredible signage we saw on our way.

Being sign folks, our whole lives are altered by our profession. Every time I enter a new venue, the first thing my eyes are drawn to are the signs. Whether it’s a poster in a snap frame, an ADA room marker, or a custom illuminated logo sign, it doesn’t matter. I’m learning that sign people aren’t the only ones whose sights are automatically drawn to signage. We met an older gentleman at the Bellagio last night who was formerly involved in marketing for a university in Texas. He said everywhere he goes now, he’s looking at billboards to see how other companies are branding themselves. He also wanted to make sure that we print colors correctly when we’re given a PMS value (don’t worry; we do).

Needless to say, our walking around Sin City has gotten me thinking that this town would be more aptly named Sign City. The spectacle of both traditional and digital signage that make up the infrastructure of downtown is truly incredible. Right across the street from us is a curved, wrap-around, 500 ft. wide (estimating) LED message center that has some of the highest quality imaging I’ve ever seen. I saw a Dolce & Gobana sign that bent in with the contours of the building, and a branded sign on the facade of Polo Towers that looked as though it was inspired by a holiday lights parade. The whole city has the appearance of a sedentary parade.

Even the sign outside our room is amazing. LED lights illuminate the room number, as tactile and braille graces the bottom of the sign to pass compliance inspections. Simply walking through the corridors of this impressive facility has bestowed upon me about 100 million ideas for new prototypes (prepare yourself, production team!) for when we return to Fargo.


I had been warned that I would fall in love with the signage in Vegas, I just wasn’t convinced how awe-inspiring it truly was until I got here. In all honesty, I’m glad I waited 23 years to visit this town. If I weren’t working for Office Sign Company, I may have never fully grasped the true beauty that is Si(g)n City.

Below are a collection of my favorite sign shots from this week in Vegas. My apologies for the imperfection of the photos – I didn’t have my usual photographer (@Bri Lee) with on this trip. Enjoy!



Written By: Jack Yakowicz

Marketing Manager for Office Sign Company

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